“The strange little cat”


The strange little cat    Ramon Zürcher 2013
A little, beautiful piece of a movie.
It shows we can make a very simple, no-big-staged, spontaneous sketches of daily lives. Much filled with joy of cinema.
I am very sure that they have some professionals on set who helped creating the organically relaxing shooting environment. But the director’s vision of portraying this rich and profound world of a household – you can project a thought, philosophy, by using these humble, no-big-deal exchanges of everyday dialogs – has its own unique beauty.
Plus, I have to say this is one of the best cat movies I have ever seen!

Atsushi Funahashi 東京、谷中に住む映画作家。「道頓堀よ、泣かせてくれ! Documentary of NMB48(公開中)」「桜並木の満開の下に」「フタバから遠く離れて」「谷中暮色」「ビッグ・リバー 」(2006、主演オダギリジョー)「echoes」(2001)を監督。2007年9月に10年住んだニューヨークから、日本へ帰国。本人も解らずのまま、谷根千と呼ばれる下町に惚れ込み、住むようになった。


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