Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum


U.S. President Roosevelt (left) and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (right) agreed to use the atomic bomb against Japan.  (September 12, 1944)
Reenactment of Ground Zero.
My aunt, Kiyoko Funahashi, who died in the atomic bomb on Aug 6, 1945.
Made my first visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. I came here with my dad when I was 6, or 7 but don’t have clear memory except the horrific pictures and burned ruins. The museum’s permanent exhibition was shockingly strong and unbearably moving. I felt profound passion and wish for peace of people of Hiroshima.

Atsushi Funahashi 東京、谷中に住む映画作家。「道頓堀よ、泣かせてくれ! Documentary of NMB48(公開中)」「桜並木の満開の下に」「フタバから遠く離れて」「谷中暮色」「ビッグ・リバー 」(2006、主演オダギリジョー)「echoes」(2001)を監督。2007年9月に10年住んだニューヨークから、日本へ帰国。本人も解らずのまま、谷根千と呼ばれる下町に惚れ込み、住むようになった。


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