“Deep in the Valley” STORY, CAST, & STAFF


OFFICIAL SELECTION: the 59th Berlin International Film Festival
Deep in the Valley interweaves a story of young romance set in Yanaka (part of old downtown Tokyo) with a Japanese period drama based on “Five Story Pagoda,” a classic literary work by Rohan KODA.
In present day Tokyo, Kaori, a young woman working for a non-profit organization that restores home movies, learns of a five-story pagoda in the middle of Yanaka Cemetery. Rumor has it that someone has an 8mm film of the fire that destroyed the pagoda over 40 years ago. In her search for the film, Kaori visits Buddhist monks, a graveyard keeper, a local historian, and traditional craftsmen, in the course of which she falls in love with Hisaki, a local street punk.
In a story set in the Edo period (18th century), Jubei, a young, obscure carpenter, aspires to build the Five Story Pagoda alone despite the opposition of his boss, his colleagues, and his wife.
Mixing fiction and documentary, the film questions the fundamental meaning of modernity and stirs the void of lost memories.
A film by Atsushi Funahashi
(HD, 135min, Drama, Part Color, Japan, 2009)
CAST: Yuki Nomura, Mayu Sato, Katsuhiro Kato, Miyoko Ogawa
Writer/Director: Atsushi Funahashi     Co-writer: Ayako Negishi     Cinamatography: Noriyuki Mizuguchi    Music: Janek Duszynski     Production: ENBU Seminar, Digital Hollywood, Big River Films
出演:野村勇貴、佐藤麻優、加藤勝丕、小川三代子 ほか
監督:舩橋淳  脚本:根岸彩子、舩橋淳   撮影:水口智之  照明:関輝久
録音:大関竜矢   美術:平山貴子  制作進行:太田真博
プロデューサー:市橋浩治、舩橋淳  製作: ENBUゼミナール、デジタルハリウッド、Big River Films

Atsushi Funahashi 東京、谷中に住む映画作家。「道頓堀よ、泣かせてくれ! Documentary of NMB48(公開中)」「桜並木の満開の下に」「フタバから遠く離れて」「谷中暮色」「ビッグ・リバー 」(2006、主演オダギリジョー)「echoes」(2001)を監督。2007年9月に10年住んだニューヨークから、日本へ帰国。本人も解らずのまま、谷根千と呼ばれる下町に惚れ込み、住むようになった。


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