Company Retreat ある職場

A new film by Atsushi FUNAHASHI

The #MeToo movement never really took root in Japan. Workplace sexual harassment is still rampant in all echelons of society. In 2018, a young woman working as a receptionist at a well-known hotel chain was harassed by her superior. Desperate for a break from the social media backlash and nasty comments online, a few staff members, including the young woman, travel to a company retreat by the sea. But the group dynamics quickly devolve into hatred and resentment, compromising any comradeship they may have had. Japan ranks 121st in gender equality, one of the UN’s top 5 Sustainable Development Goals. This documentary-style film depicting an actual event shows that sexual harassment affects not only the victim and the perpetrator, but everyone around them.

DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT          By Atsushi Funahashi

This film is based upon a real case of sexual harassment that happened in the workplace of a Tokyo hotel chain. Because the victim, the perpetrator, and those who involved refused to be filmed, I decided to make a fictionalized version, instead of shooting a documentary.

In short, this film depicts how immature we are as humans.

If we do not respect morals to determine right or wrong, the whole of society gets lost in the confusion.

On the UN’s latest gender equality ranking, Japan comes 121st, the lowest among the top 25 developed countries. The main reason is that Japanese society is based upon a masculine, feudalistic hierarchy that originated long ago from Confucianism.

Men in these countries have an unconscious feeling of genetic superiority over women, although they rarely say so.

I hope the film questions what is truly important in the midst of this moral panic. While we see many absurdities and evil minds everywhere, the film aspires to ask how we humans can tolerate people’s weakness and ignorance.


Running Time:            135 min

Format:                       2K HD, B&W+Color

Country:                      Japan

Language:                   Japanese   with English Subtitles

Writer & Editor:           Atsushi FUNAHASHI

CAST:   Saki HIRAI, Megumi ITO, Takafumi YAMANAKA, Yoshio TAGUCHI, Yuta MITSUZONO, Seishi Kimura, Taku Tsujii, Arnor Shu Fujimura, Kazuaki Nomura, Makoto Hada


World Sales:  ARTicle Films, Emi Ueyama

Producer/Production Company      Kotaro Date, Timeflies Inc.

Phone:+81-3-5315-4182   email:





Atsushi Funahashi is a Tokyo-New-York-based filmmaker. His debut feature echoes (2001), won three jury and audience awards at Annonay International Film Festival in France. The film has been theatrically distributed in the USA and Japan. His second film, Big River (2006), an American Wild-Wild-West roadmovie starring Jo Odagiri, was premiered at various film festivals (including Berlin, Pusan, Karlovy Vary, Sao Paolo, and Shanghai) and was released worldwide by Celluloid Dreams Director’s Label. Funahashi moved from New York to Tokyo in 2007 and has started directing films in Japan. “Deep in the Valley(2009)”, “Nuclear Nation I & II (2012, 2014)”, and “Cold Bloom (2013, produced by Office Kitano)” are all premiered at Berlin International Film Festival and theatrically released in many countries. NUCLEAR NATION series were theatrically screened in the US. TIME OUT NY reviewed it with 4 stars, saying “A CAUTIONARY TALE WORTH HEEDING.” His following “RAISE YOUR ARMS AND TWIST Documentary of NMB48”, a documentary essay on Japanese idol culture has been premiered all over the European film festivals.  His latest “Company Retreat” provokes Japan’s gender equality controversy, based on an actual harassment incident. It will world premiere at Tokyo International Film Festival 2020.


FILMOGRAPHY  (All as director)


“COMPANY RETREAT  (Aru Shokuba)”  2020, 135 min, B&W+Color

OFFICIAL SELECTION: TOKYO International Film Festival, Tokyo Premiere 2020.


“LOVERS ON BORDERS”  2020, 122 min, Color. Portugal, Japan, USA.

Ana Moreira, Tasuku Emoto. (International Version)


“RAISE YOUR  ARMS AND TWIST  Documentary of NMB48”

2016, 121min, Japan, DCP, color, documentary

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Hong Kong IFF, Jeonju  IFF(S.Korea), and several more.


“NUCLEAR NATION II” 2014, 114min, Japan, HD, color, documentary

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin, Seoul, Cinema du Reel (Paris), Signe de Nuit,

and many other international festivals.

World Sales: WIDE


“COLD BLOOM”          2013, 119min, Japan&Korea, HD, color, drama

WINNER: JURY AWARD, Urban International Film Festival 2015

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin, Busan, Shanghai, Ghent, Sydney, etc.

Production: Office Kitano, Producer: Shozo Ichiyama

World Sales: WIDE Management


“NUCLEAR NATION” 2012, 96min, Japan, HD, color, documentary

WINNER: Special Mention, Sicily International Environmental FF 2014.                OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Moscow, Docville,

Zurich, Rio de Janeiro

Distributed worldwide more than 40 countries including Japan, US, and France.

“Deep in the Valley” 2009, 107min, Japan, HD, color+B&W, drama

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin, Hong Kong, Cinema Digital Seoul, San Paulo,

Osian Cinefan.


“BIG RIVER”  2005, 105 min, USA&Japan, 35mm, color, drama

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Berlin, Hong Kong, Karlovy Vary, Shanghai,

Durban, etc.

Production: Office Kitano, Producer: Shozo Ichiyama


“echoes”      2001, 72 min, USA&Japan, 16mm, B&W, drama

WINNER: the Audience Award & Jury Award at Annonay IFF 2001.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Munchen, Karlovy Vary, Tokyo,







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